About ManiQ Pencils

-The Device provides more convenient cosmetic/grooming assistance for nails.
-Reduce the amount of items to carry around and time wasted searching for a missing item.
-Nails harbor dirt and germs so filing frequently can reduce the spread of bacteria that are found under your nails.
-A calm adaptable way to regulate stress
-Great coping mechanism, and provides comfort and relief.
-Regulate restless energy and increase focus
-Having a mani Q pencil available gives you the option to help you handle nervousness or anxiety and be able to help keep your focus on learning or task at hand.


Is to provide a premium versatile product that is convenient and effective. This product helps to promote health and wellness/ hygienic consciousness in a fast pace society.

It provides both an eyeliner pencil and a nail on a single unit so that the user doesn’t have to carry around two items or waste time searching for a missing item.